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Becoming a mama can be stressful! My goal is to help you stress less and maximize your precious family (and personal) time so you can avoid sweating the small stuff and simply love being “Mom”. 

what's here for you?

Everything you need to get you to, through, and beyond the fourth trimester.

I’ll give you all my tips, tricks, checklists and research-based information to make your transition to motherhood smoother. Check back often for insight you won’t find in the pregnancy books!

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roadmap to freezer meal prepping

Coming soon!

Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual, but how about a roadmap to start your journey off on the right track?


Nearly a year ago, I started out to create a single resource (A Practical Mama’s Roadmap to Motherhood) that would cover essential topics a first time mama ought to know. These topics included everything from how to budget and prepare your partnership, to why a birth plan is a great idea, to what to know about the first days and weeks with a new baby and how to care for yourself at the same time. I started writing and kept writing, and that single resource quickly blossomed into 5 (and counting) roadmaps bursting with research-based information, tips, tricks, and valuable information I know will make your life so much easier. (My research group mamas have told me so!)

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WHAT mamas-to-be are saying about the roadmaps

"I loved this resource so much! This is perfect for the stage that I'm in right now. You've given me so much to think about! The best part about this is the [budgeting] worksheet. So helpful!"
First-Time Pregnant Mama

"The childcare roadmap is great! I have 0 idea about daycares so this helped get me thinking in an organized fashion."
First-Time Pregnant Mama

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kind words from my favorite mamas

"Kim is, first of all, so encouraging and open to listening when you are having a tough time. She is so well researched and has great resources for all phases of life and parts of being a mom, wife and friend!"
Mom of One Little Girl, Age 5 Months

"I am a mother of 2 young girls, ages 2 years old and a newborn. I am always impressed with Kimberly's attention to detail, tenacity, and overall love and care for her little one. Kimberly is an excellent mother who will go to the moon and back for anything her daughter needs. I enjoy our chats about motherhood and the welcoming ability to bounce around ideas and strategies of parenthood with her."
Mom of Two Little Girls, Ages 2 and 2 Months

"Kim is one of the most selfless, genuinely kind women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She has the biggest heart and is always willing to help others in any way possible. She is dedicated to becoming the best version of herself and is truly inspirational. I admire her willingness to learn and grow as a woman as she navigates so gracefully through the challenges of motherhood."
Mom to One Little Boy, Age 3