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Becoming a mama can be stressful! My goal is to help you stress less and maximize your precious family (and personal) time so you can avoid sweating the small stuff and simply love being “Mom”. 

what's here for you?


I’ll give you all my tips, tricks, checklists and research-based information to make your transition to motherhood smoother. Check back often for insight you won’t find in the pregnancy books!

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all the most important topics you'll want to know before baby arrives!

The Practical Mama’s Roadmaps were born out of necessity for first time mamas-to-be just like you.

Check out all of the roadmaps to receive real, honest information you’ll want to know so you can best prepare for your birth and transition to motherhood. 

With more than 180 pages of practical, thoroughly-researched information, survival secrets, mom hacks, checklists and printables for every trimester, these roadmaps offer first-time mamas “wish I knew that” info for pregnancy and postpartum.

The goal is to help you stress less and love momming more by providing well-researched information to help you make the best decisions for your family.

I loved this resource so much! This is perfect for the stage that I'm in right now. You've given me so much to think about!

Amy, first-time mom

A sneak peak at what's inside

making the most of nesting

Making the Most of Nesting

A Practical Mama’s Roadmap to Making the Most of Nesting is a pregnancy guide that delivers 100 pages of practical, thoroughly-researched information, survival secrets, mom hacks, checklists and printables you’ll want to get your hands on before your baby’s arrival. 

budgeting for baby


Can we afford a baby? What expenses should we anticipate? A Practical Mama’s Roadmap to Budgeting for Baby provides a comprehensive plug-in baby budget worksheet with pre-formatted formulas tailored to YOUR income and spending habits. The workbook is full of practical budgeting tips. Learn financial pitfalls to avoid that trap new parents, and common expenses to expect with a new baby. Also get step-by-step tips based on your own spending habits for cutting spending and saving more, and baby registry secrets to maximize your benefits and save big on big-ticket items!

planning for delivery


A Practical Mama’s Roadmap to Planning for Delivery puts you in charge of your birthing experience by better preparing you for what’s to come. A Practical Mama’s Roadmap to Planning for Delivery is one of the most comprehensive birth planning workbooks with a DIY birth plan template that covers all the topics you’ll want to discuss and have answers to prior to your little one’s arrival. 

the mama behind the roadmaps

Hi mama! I’m Kim. Once upon a time I loved adding stamps to my passport, scuba diving, and lying poolside with a good book. Since our daughter arrived, I’ve grown to appreciate baby snuggles, hot coffee, clean hair, alone time with my husband and an hour to myself to browse HomeGoods and Target.  

I married my high school sweetheart on April Fool’s Day in 2016. (No joke.) Three years later, after a 15-hour, unmedicated labor using hypnosis techniques, our beautiful daughter arrived. Now we’re expecting baby #2!

I’ve always wanted to be a mom. But I never expected to feel like Superwoman and as though the walls were caving in at the same time. 

I spent so much time Googling and reading and Pinterest-ing to make my way through pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the fourth trimester. As a first-time mom, I had NO IDEA what I didn’t know. Now that I’m on the other side, I have so much insight to share with you—all right here! 

With encouragement from Hubby, help from family, and input from fellow first-time mamas, (and a whole lot of coffee beans and bravery), my hope is that these resources will grow to be among your go-to guides for helpful information as you start your amazing journey into motherhood.

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