8 Amazon Services You Will Love

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Hello. My name is Kim. And I am addicted to a ridiculous number of Amazon services.

It’s my husband’s fault. He got me hooked on Amazon services. Though these days I haven’t met a person who doesn’t use good ol’ Amazon. What’s not to love with (almost) every item just a click away? Especially when our love for Amazon almost single-handedly provided all of the necessary boxes for our move to the new house.

You could say Amazon is the gift that keeps on giving. What started out as a subscription to one Amazon service quickly evolved into our Amazon addiction today. There is just so much good stuff to take advantage of!

There are 8 Amazon services you may not have considered (but definitely should). I’m obsessed with them all!

Please note that this post contains affiliate links. Should you make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Opinions and reviews are 100% my own and I do not offer affiliate links to anything I have not tried and loved, without otherwise disclosing that information. Thank you for your support!

Here are my favorite Amazon services in the order I started using them:

#1: Amazon Prime

Every mom and dad needs Amazon Prime. Most know this Amazon service for its two day shipping. This feature is a life saver when you don’t have the luxury of perusing the Target isles. But FREE One-Day delivery on qualifying items is even better. Like the time I needed Little Remedies Pain Reliever but everywhere was out of stock. I ordered it after Liv went to bed and it arrived before she woke up the next morning!

I can’t tell you how many items I’ve ordered from Amazon Prime throughout its existence. (I’m actually glad that number is not readily available because I might get sticker shock). As it is, I’m notorious for leaving little things in my husband’s cart as gift or “just because” ideas. 😉

What’s to love?

Amazon Prime has saved my butt a number of times when I’ve needed last minute gifts. Or when getting to the post office seems impossible. And when I didn’t feel like taking trips to multiple stores to get what I needed. If you can save the gas and the hassle of a trip to the store when you only have one or two items you need, why not? This Amazon service also offers select shipping days of your choice so you can get your goods all on one day, shipped in a minimal number of boxes. Even with direct shipping you can feel good about limiting your carbon footprint, too!

Another benefit of this Amazon service is access to several other perks. Get unlimited access to Amazon Music and Video with your prime membership. I find Prime Video has more current movies available than Netflix for those date nights in. And Prime Music is essentially what you would pay for Spotify separately. You can hear the latest music, create and download playlists and connect to Alexa (if you like Alexa).

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

P.S. Did you know there is a Student subscription price? Check it out here. You may want to remember to de-link your credit card before gifting it though 😉

#2: Audible

Perhaps one of my favorite Amazon services is this little gem. My love for Audible began during my first job out of college when a coworker got me hooked (thanks, Beth!). Now I am a huge fan of audio books. I love just downloading a new book and zoning out for my commute to work. I listen while I’m nursing Olivia, cooking dinner, having a bath (no more wet pages!), walking the dog … I’m obsessed.

What’s to love?

You can sign up for a free trial and get at least 1 or 2 book credits. Then, after the trial expires, for $15 per month you get 1 book credit. If you were to buy a book in the store, you will pay more than that. In the summer, I go through So. Many. Books. I sometimes will save up my credits and download a bunch at once for vacation. Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens is one of my recent favorites.

Amazon services you'll love
Pro Tip: If you don’t like the book, Amazon will let you return it and refund your credit (though they provide a strict warning that your account will be flagged if you return books too frequently). Check out Audible here. Or gift someone a membership here.

Into romance novels? Amazon even has a special subscription for you!

#3: Wedding Registry

I personally love when brides and grooms register with this Amazon service. Selfishly, I do not have time to get sucked into the depths of Bed, Bath & Beyond’s miles of isles (though I do love a good 20% off coupon). But what if you want something other than the traditional home furnishings? The Amazon Bridal Registry service is an all-inclusive option great option for both her and his gifts.

What’s to love?

These days so many couples cohabitate before getting married that many end up acquiring a good number of traditional wedding gifts before he (or she) puts a ring on it. This is when the Amazon Wedding Registry is a perfect option.

Maybe you want a video security system like Ring for the new house you bought. (We use Blink, but a lot of our friends use Ring because it integrates well with Alexa … which I refuse to get.) Or money toward a new laptop. Or home theater equipment. Perhaps you would get more use out of gym equipment. Or even a cookbook from your favorite blogger (Damn Delicious is my favorite)! Garden tools, patio furniture, book shelves, gift cards … the opportunities with this Amazon service are endless.

Create your Amazon Wedding Registry here.

#4: Prime Pantry

I dread going to the store with Olivia in her car seat. Almost as much as I dread going to the store with Olivia OUT of her car seat. She just isn’t old enough to keep from slouching over in the front of the cart. (The last time we tried it was very messy as her lunch ended up all over the cart and me.)

So when I go shopping, I am buying whatever I can shove around the car seat that’s sitting in the back of the cart while she is sleeping. (If stores were smart, they would make more car seat friendly shopping carts. I would buy a lot more.) In the meantime, I take advantage of Prime Pantry for all of the household items I need.

What’s to love?

When you spend $35 (which these days is the equivalent of diapers and diaper cream) you get free shipping. As items are added to your cart, you’ll see the savings add up. In some cases, up to 15% off your entire Pantry order! I’ll skip a Target trip if it means saving some extra money.

Go ahead and take a look. See what you can save on products you shop for regularly: Check out Prime Pantry

#5: Baby Registry

I was so bummed when Babies R’ Us went out of business. There’s something about baby stuff that you just want to hold and see in person before making a purchase. But Target didn’t have their neat little Baby section setup yet (kudos for Target for capitalizing on that need). And Buy Buy Baby was almost an hour away from our new house. So, Amazon’s Baby Registry was a huge help in those last weeks when I didn’t feel like making the trek. (And even more so when we never received our Buy Buy Baby completion coupon.)

What’s to love?

Amazon’s Baby Registry has a 10% completion discount which you can use on two orders up to $2000.00. (Bonus: There is a 15% completion discount for Prime members). That meant I was able to go back and add things AFTER our baby shower. (Helpful Hint: Use the second order to get discounts on postpartum supplies that you otherwise don’t want on your registry.)

The discount alone makes this one of the most valuable Amazon services for new moms and dads. The baby registry discount applies to most major brands other retailer completion coupons exclude! The most expensive item on our registry was our travel system. It got great safety and usability reviews so I really really wanted it. Thanks to the completion discount and gift cards, we ended up getting it steeply discounted!

This registry also offers a handy checklist to walk through so you don’t forget anything. When you add a certain number of products across the major categories, Amazon will ship you a welcome kit of freebies. Other perks include a diaper fund to which people can contribute, and the ability to go in on gifts together. Later, you can sign up for a discounted diaper subscription if you meet the qualified purchase amount.

Sound intriguing? Check out the Baby Registry here.

#6: Amazon Family 

If you’re willing to enter your child(ren)’s birth dates, you can receive curated offers and tailored recommendations on kid’s products with Amazon Family service. Diapers, wipes, children’s toys. It’s all there and you can get pretty decent discounts. (Diaper subscription, anyone?) Additionally, Parents magazine will send articles and parenting tips to your inbox. (But you can opt out, too, if you choose).

Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial

#7 (& #8): Amazon Renewed and Warehouse Deals

Feeling thrifty? Save a buck or two with these Amazon services: Amazon Renewed and Warehouse. I love to photograph newborns and infants for my friends looking for an inexpensive way to capture the special postpartum moments with their babies. But I needed a better lens that would help me capture the smallest, cutest details.

A new camera lens for my Sony Alpha a6000 camera would have cost more than $500 new. The refurbished deal was a more affordable option. And, the products are professionally inspected, tested by Amazon-qualified and performance-managed suppliers, and have a 90-day guarantee. When in doubt, we add an extra warranty, but it still ends up being a cheaper option.

What’s the difference? Amazon Renewed is like-new pre-owned, refurbished and open-box products. Amazon Warehouse is used or open box products. You can learn more about each service here: Amazon Renewed and Warehouse.

Which of these Amazon services is your favorite? Do you have another favorite I haven’t listed here? I’d love to hear about it. Tell me in the comments section!

*Disclaimer: We use the Blink security system but it is currently out of stock. Ring is our friends’ favorite option as it integrates with Alexa.

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