No Breastfeeding Journey is Alike

No two breastfeeding journeys are alike. Some lasted days, others lasted into toddler-hood. Some had a choice, some journeys were chosen for them. My hope is that these stories will offer you some comfort in knowing there is no right answer. Sometimes, there isn’t even a choice. Wherever your breastfeeding journey takes you, it is uniquely yours.

best swaddle method

If you have a baby who always seems to escape from her swaddle, use this double swaddle method to keep her arms cozy and secure.

What You Must Know about Dairy Elimination While Breastfeeding

If you’re contemplating eliminating dairy from your diet because you think it might help your newborn, I have some information for your consideration. I’ve noticed more and more moms contemplating eliminating dairy from their diets to help calm their newborns’ fussy symptoms. While dairy elimination is valid for some mothers and their babies, dairy elimination isn’t necessary for all babies and, in some cases, can even do more harm than good long-term. This article will offer information from reputable sources to help you have a conversation with your pediatrician about whether dairy elimination is the right choice for you and your baby.

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This super simple, five-ingredient salad dressing is the perfect warm weather salad dressing. It’s dairy free, citrus free and free of the top 8 major allergens. A great addition to your allergy-free recipes!