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Want the sex of your baby to be a Surprise And still be prepared with all the gender-specific items you love?

Hi! I'm Kim, your personal shopper for all gender-specific baby needs!

Who says you can’t have the element of surprise AND be prepared? This Type A mama knows what it’s like to want both the element of surprise AND to have all the pink and blue things you fall in love with on-hand the moment your baby is born. 

That’s why I shop for all the gender-specific items you want and you get to keep the reveal a surprise until birth! 

How it works

Send me your gender reveal card and a list of all your favorite gender specific items. This could be outfits you love, general items you'd like in a specific color, personalized nursery signs or monogrammed items, and more. I shop the deals, do all the buying for you, and have the boxes shipped directly to your house.

At an affordable cost for any budget, you get to keep the surprise and get the items you love!

Intrigued? Click the button below and I’ll send you all the details you need to make a decision. (No pressure, I promise!)